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Racks on Racks – Bangles Stacked! | A Trend You Need to Follow

25 Mar

Photographer Tommy Ton always does an amazing job at capturing street style at it’s best. One trend that has certainly made its way to the top of the list for males AND females is: Stacked Wristwear. The great thing about this trend is that you more than likely already have what it takes to make it happen! Take a watch, chain-linked ¬†bracelet, charm bracelet, bangle, and a piece of rope and your set! haha. Use whatever combination matches your personal style and make it work for you! You will see a variety of ways that our friends overseas have begun to incorporate this trend into their fashion week ensembles. Check it out! —>

So now that you know how to do it…DO IT! :) Send your Stacked Wristwear pics to stacee.michelle@mail.com!


::Stacee Michelle::

 photos courtesy of Tommy Ton