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Is he IN or OUT? | Kanye West College Update!

8 Mar
Is it just a dream?

So ::SM:: Subscribers – News Update! The latest report fromVogue seems to be contrary to what we believed about Kanye enrolling into school.

Rather than rephrasing the article – Check it out for yourself at: VOGUE.COM


::Stacee Michelle::

Not a College Drop Out Anymore | Kanye Gets His Masters!

7 Mar

Word on the street is that Kanye West has applied to Central Saint Martins College in London to obtain a Master’s degree in Fashion! I guess this ‘college drop-out’ had a change of heart!

He hasn’t been accepted yet; surprisingly the school is making him interview and proceed through the whole application process! He most recently flew out to London to speak with the head of the program, Professor Louise Wilson, who has guided the career of many of Britain’s top designers including the late Alexander McQueen.

I'm sure she could teach him a thing or two!

I am sure that the college is teetering on whether or not to accept Kanye. Although it would gain a lot of publicity for the university, it also poses a great risk of damaging the schools credibility. The school isn’t hurting for more celebrity representation – THE CLASH, M.I.A., JARVIS COCKER, members of the SEX PISTOLS and STELLA McCARTNEY are all former students of CSM (The Sun).

So what do you think they’ll decide?

Accepted or Not Accepted… you are greatness already happening!


::Stacee Michelle::