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Yay or Nay? | BET’s “Rip The Runway”

22 Mar

Check out pictures from BET’s “Rip The Runway” 2012 show hosted by Selita Ebanks and Pooch Hall! Singers like Lil Kim, Wale, Diggy Simmons, Estelle, Robin Thicke, and others rapped and sang next to models going down the catwalk in some new 2012 looks!  Take a look at the photos here! What did you think of the show? Yay or Nay?

BET’s “Rip The Runway” Show Photos.


::Stacee Michelle::

Madonna Wore Givenchy & Nikki… No Panties? | Super Bowl XLVI

6 Feb

As you are aware, Madonna employed about 48% of Indiana’s population to entertain the millions of people watching the Super Bowl XLVI half-time show. I think the reviews were pretty neutral on her performance – but what do you think of her outfit? To play into the egyptian them, Madonna was styled in Givenchy. Her thigh high boots and signature fingerless gloves added a spice of “Madonna” to the outfit.

So what do you think? Was she the Giants or the Patriots on this one?

And just because this was a big moment for Nikki Minaj’s career – I thought I’d show her outfit as well! Media Take Out suggests that Minaj pulled a Brittney Spears and didn’t wear any panties! eek! I guess Nikki will always be Nikki wherever she is!


::Stacee Michelle::

images: fabsugar.com

Fashion Gives You Wings! | Chanel features Couture Show on a Plane!

1 Feb

Even though they never left the ground, every passenger on board got a first class seat at the Chanel Couture 2012 Fashion Show! The runway was filled with a sky blue to deep-sea color palette, sequins; blouson sleeves; crop & mid length jackets; wide collars; dropped waistlines; and of course the Chanel silhouette. My favorite part about the collection was that 82.9% of the dresses, had pockets! Sequins dresspockets. Two piece skirt suitpockets. Formal gown….pockets. Certainly a girls best friend and a key feature for Chanel’s Couture 2012 Show! Read more and check out the photo slideshow! Best, ::Stacee Michelle::

::SM:: Reviews Red Carpet Trends | Golden Globes 2012

17 Jan

Award shows are always a pleasure to watch, especially the pre-show when you get to see what your favorite celebs are wearing as they parade onto the red carpet. After reviewing some photos by Jason Merrit and Frazer Harrison for nymag.com I was able to locate a few trends that stood out to me that evening.

The sea of blackness just so happened to be accented by airy pastels that proved to be a key pallet for the evening.

Other celebrities added a stronger hue of jewel tones to their gowns with deep rich wine, aubergine, sapphire, and dark green shades.


The majority of the men at the ‘Globes’ looked … for lack of better words.. blah!However, it’s the key details that made them truly standout in a salt and pepper crowd. Vests, pointed collars, and satin lined blazers set a different tone for these fellas.


Sunday night was all about putting your best foot forward! With slits running all the way up these ladies legs – the “thigh” was certainly their best accessory! Pilates, Yoga, and P90X has been working for somebody! hah.


All-in-all, there were great looks and then NOT so great looks; but when you’re a celebrity making millions of dollars ….does it really matter what I think? haha.

What were your favorite looks of the night!? Were you able to catch any other trends?

All the Best,

::Stacee Michelle::

A SEQUINS of Events Brought in the New Year! | NYE 2012

2 Jan

Coury C.

Glitz and Glam with Friends and Fam! 2011 was left behind with dance floors and venues packed tight with sequined beauties! Both Men & Women lit up the New Year with dresses, tops, shoes and earings that made the darkness glisten like stars in the night!
Here are some looks (courtesy of lookbook.nu) that discoed their way into 2012

Which Sequined number is your favorite!? Have one of your own?! – send your sequins outfit photos to stacee.michelle@mail.com!

Happy New Year ::SM Fam::! 2012… HERE WE GO!


::Stacee Michelle:: 

DVF Falls into the GAP! | Spr/Sum 2012

1 Jun


Diane Von Furstenberg designs for GAP Kids

The word on the street is that designer Diane Von Furstenberg will be designing a line for Gap Kids. The collection will most likely be released in Spring/Summer 2012 – which for us fashion junkies is right around the corner!

I am anxious to see what she has up her sleeve for this collection. Surely there will be plenty of print combinations and dainty silhouettes – But I am crossing my fingers that she adds a baby wrap dress to the mix! Now THAT I would love to see!

Just as DVF… You are greatness already happening!


::Stacee Michelle::