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New Limited Edition Coke Bottle! | Designed by DVF

8 Feb

Coca-Cola has teamed with Diane Von Furstenberg to offer customers a limited-edition collection of aluminum bottles splashed with her signature prints in red and black.

The bottle will be available at select DVF boutiques throughout February ($30 for a set of four). This signature eye-catching collection will see 100 percent of proceeds go to the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) in support of The Heart Truth program for women’s heart health research.


#The Official Way To Drink in Style!


::Stacee Michelle::

Madonna Wore Givenchy & Nikki… No Panties? | Super Bowl XLVI

6 Feb

As you are aware, Madonna employed about 48% of Indiana’s population to entertain the millions of people watching the Super Bowl XLVI half-time show. I think the reviews were pretty neutral on her performance – but what do you think of her outfit? To play into the egyptian them, Madonna was styled in Givenchy. Her thigh high boots and signature fingerless gloves added a spice of “Madonna” to the outfit.

So what do you think? Was she the Giants or the Patriots on this one?

And just because this was a big moment for Nikki Minaj’s career – I thought I’d show her outfit as well! Media Take Out suggests that Minaj pulled a Brittney Spears and didn’t wear any panties! eek! I guess Nikki will always be Nikki wherever she is!


::Stacee Michelle::


Jason Wu Collection Hits Target This Sunday!

3 Feb

Jason Wu has created an exlusive collection for Target, scheuled to hit stores this Sunday Feb. 5th! Somehow people are already selling the merchandise on ebay, but with a 50% or more markup! Looks like you will definitely be paying to be ahead of the crowd on this one! This Spring Target will be featuring 50 pieces of Jason Wu’s collection, giving us quite a selection to choose from. With prices ranging from $19.99 to $59.99 you can FINALLY take designer fashion home AND keep the lights on! haha.



::Stacee Michelle::

Thought Jeans Couldn’t Get Any Tighter?| Lil Wayne Wears Women’s Jeggings!

31 Aug

We saw quite a few “eyebrow raising” outfits at the VMAs this past weekend. But what about the animal kingdom pants that Lil Wayne wore in his performance during the VMAs?!

The rapper is known to take a few leaps and bounds in his style – but I was shocked to know that the cheetah print jeans he was wearing were ACTUALLY women’s jegging!

Of course he got them a few sizes too big to look more like a traditional skinny jean – but these “leg suckers” by Tripp NYC were good for a one-time wear, retailing at only $44! So if your into dressing like Wayne this won’t be an expensive purchase …however…just  be prepared for the stares!

Crazy… in Hollywood…

You are greatness already happening!


::Stacee Michelle::

Versace Exclusive Line with H&M! | Autumn 2011

21 Jun

Donatella Versace has linked up with H&M to release an exclusive line for men, women and home this Fall 2011!

“The exclusive collection will look back to the vibrant heritage of the brand, full of leather, print, color and exuberance in exclusive materials at fantastic H&M prices,” according to a press release.

This is a great opportunity for Versace fans to ACTUALLY own some Italian luxury designs in their closets!

Pumped? I know I am! The merchandise will be available November 17th in select stores and online. In addition, Donatella Versace has also designed a pre-spring collection for H&M which will be exclusively available in countries with H&M online sales from January 19, 2012.

Read More!


::Stacee Michelle::

Happy 40th Birthday Tupac!| Shooter Confesses!

16 Jun


Today marks Tupac Shakur’s 40th Birthday!

It was 25 years ago that we heard the tragic news that our favorite rap star was shot and killed. (doesn’t that make you feel old!)

To our surprise on June 15, the eve of Tupac’s birthday, a prisoner named Dexter Issac spoke up about being involved in the shooting and robbery at New York’s Quad Studios, which sparked the feud between the rapper and his rival Notorious B.I.G. He admitted to SHOOTING and ROBBING Tupac Shakur for $2500 in 1994!

Issac informed the police that he’s getting ready to disclose everything he knows in relation to Tupac’s murder in hopes of giving his mother “some closure.”

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Tupac was certainly a music and fashion icon — who DIDN’t wear their bandanas like him when they were growing up! haha.


::Stacee Michelle::

Gaga Oolala| This Hair will Certainly Lead to a Bad Romance!

15 Jun

So, I’m all for being different and dressing to your own unique personality and style… however – shouldn’t you match or coordinate in SOME kind of way. Gaga just seems to throw anything on these days!

If your outfit is going to be random – at least make sure your hair is somewhat normal! The teal hair is so bold, long and gross… it’s just too much for her outfit. If she changed her top or bottom to a solid color she may have pulled this off.. but still…she get’s no love from ::SM:: on this one – Sorry!

What are your thoughts?!


::Stacee Michelle

…and must she always wear those stripper boots! ugh!

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