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To B or Not to B | Top Picks from the “B” Designers Spr 13′

29 Oct

Soooo.. I sifted through all the Spring 2013 designer collections that began with the letter “B”; selected one outfit that I would wear (which wasn’t easy); and put all the photos in a gallery to show you my top pics! Take a look ! —>


::Stacee Michelle::


The A’s That Made It to My Closet! | Fashion Week A – Z

8 Oct

::FROM A-Z::

Fashion Week has strutted its way through New York, London, Milan and Paris – making a statement at every stop! This year, the runways definitely seemed to bear their breast best!  Plunging necklines, laser cuts, splits, lace and sheer details seemed to be prevalent amongst many of the designers collections this season! Below you will find 1-3 looks that made it to my closet from all of the designers that start with an “A” — check it out!


::Stacee Michelle::

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